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These drawings are made by hand on white paper with colored magic markers. I usually draw them late at night as I'm winding down and preparing for bed; a sort of visual zen exercise to clear my mind. The mark of my hand and the potential for mistakes introduces an organic element to the geometric pattern.

I conceive these drawings to be scanned when they're finished and inverted in the computer to reverse the colors. Therefore white will become black, and as I pick up a red marker I'm thinking "green." I essentially think in reverse as I draw. The markers bleed into the paper and soften the lines, darkening where they intersect to create bright glowing points.

I use the computer as an art-making tool in various ways. It's not until these drawings are scanned and printed in reverse that my intention is realized. Drawing is the structure of this process, but the concept relies on the ability of the computer to simply and instantly invert the colors. So I draw "backwards" and the finished "drawing" is by necessity a digital print.

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